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Providing Compassionate Support

At H Logue & Sons Funerals, we understand that the last thing you want to deal with after the loss of a loved one are complex and expensive funeral arrangements. We are here to make the process of bidding farewell to the deceased as simple and affordable as possible. Based in Wellington NSW, our family owned and operated company has been supporting families in the Central West since 1894. As such, we bring a wealth of experience to every ceremony.

You can glean useful information regarding the funeral process on this page. If you have any further questions, please call us on (02) 6845 1946. We can also schedule floral arrangements via Flowers On Talbragar and run services at St Andrew's Chapel. Our staff are available 24 hours for urgent enquiries.


Burial & Cremation Services

Clients have the option to have the deceased cremated (so that their remains can be given in an urn for remembrance) or buried. Choices are made generally on the basis of the deceased’s expressed wishes, informed by their religious and/or cultural background. We can arrange both burials and cremations.


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About Embalming Services

Embalming improves the presentation of the deceased, slowing the natural process of decomposition. This process is used for the benefit of families wishing to view their loved one. We work with a qualified embalmer who will carefully restore the appearance of the deceased.


Religious & Cultural

Regardless of religious and cultural background, we’ll do all we can to ensure the wishes of your loved one will be respected. We invite you to discuss your preferences with our understanding staff. Whether you want to have a ceremony performed or you want to grieve in private, we’ll strive to accommodate you.


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Death Away From Home

Dealing with a death that has occurred overseas can be particularly stressful. Fortunately, we offer a repatriation service where we handle the transferring of the deceased person from Sydney to centres all over Australia and the world. We can also liaise with foreign funeral directors as required.



  • Can we dress the deceased?

    You may like to choose a favourite piece of clothing for your loved one to be dressed in. The deceased can wear their own clothes, gown or a breasting (which is a head-to-toe dignity cover). Your loved one’s hair and makeup will be done as required. Wedding and engagements rings can be placed on the deceased, as well as rosary beads and other jewellery.

  • Can the funeral director stop me from viewing the deceased?

    Due to Public Health regulations, people carrying some infectious diseases are not able to be viewed. We work with the family to manage each situation on a case-by-case basis.

  • How do I make funeral arrangements?

    H Logue & Sons Funerals is here to ensure that every detail is attended to as your family has requested. Our role is to guide the family through the arrangements in a caring and understanding manner. You can speak with us at our office or in your home, wherever you feel most comfortable. Specifically, the duties of a funeral director are to:

    • Meet with & discuss the many aspects of the funeral with the family, setting out the various choices available & the costs involved
    • Once the funeral arrangements are set, liaise with various organisations - clergy, cemetery, crematorium, hospital, doctor & service organisations - to confirm arrangements
    • Arrange to collect the deceased from the place of death & prepare for viewing
    • Place death & funeral notices in local & metropolitan newspapers
    • Organise any family floral tributes
    • Conduct the funeral on the day & time decided & finalise the necessary paperwork to ensure all legal requirements are met
  • How much choice does the family have in funeral arrangements?

    The family has absolute choice with certain exceptions—as in the case of a Coronial Investigation where in some murder cases, permission may be given for a funeral by burial only. Our Funeral Directors can provide options to a family, but it is the family’s right to choose whatever they wish, providing necessary legal requirements are met.

  • Is it compulsory to use a funeral director?

    A company, such as a funeral director, that has access to a mortuary and that complies with the appropriate health regulations is necessary when dealing with a deceased person.

  • When does the coroner become involved?

    If the doctor is unable to certify the cause of death, it is necessary to contact the police, who then will liaise with coronial staff. This will be necessary in such instances as:

    • Death other than by natural causes, including violence, accidental or unusual causes
    • Death whilst under anaesthetic (or within 24 hours of the administration of an anaesthetic)
    • Unexpected death
    • Death of a person in an institution, a prison or in police custody, drug or alcohol rehabilitation centre
    • When the cause of death is unknown

    Coronial staff or a government-appointed funeral company will transfer the deceased to the coroner. A post-mortem examination, also known as an autopsy, is a detailed examination conducted to establish the cause of death. This examination is carried out by a doctor known as a pathologist. We will then liaise with coronial staff regarding release of the deceased into our care.

  • Will I receive my loved one’s ashes and what reassurance would I have of receiving them and no one else’s?

    An identifying nameplate is placed on a coffin prior to cremation. Before cremation precedes, the nameplate is removed and used as a marker for the remains. The ashes of the deceased are then packaged for us to take back to our premises for the family to collect.


Useful Funeral Information | H Logue & Sons Funerals (2024)
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